About Us

How we start?

Katty Simbana is an Ecuador native, her passion for flowers started from visiting flower farms in Ecuador where some of the most beautiful roses come from. At the young age of 14 her love for flowers continued; that's when she moved to New York City and started working at local floral shops. After some time working in studios she decided to go to The New York Flower School to expand her craft.

When finished at school she continued working to gain more experience in the floral field with several Master Designers.

In 2021 she opened Juliette Floral Design, named after her baby daughter with a vision to share her love and inspiration for florals.

Why ?

Plants, especially flowers usually have an immediate positive impact on people's mood, and nowadays that we live more distant from nature, they help us to connect with it and go back to our roots. That is why they have been present in most special occasions and ceremonies for more than 5.000 years, they are part of our rituals and allow us to create more synergy with the people we share them with.

That connection and happiness is our reason to create.